Thursday 30 November 2017

Butterfly Valve Maintenance Guide

In this article we mention Top 7 Butterfly Valve maintenance Guide which will give long life of your butterfly valve and second thing valve quality is most important in every case so always preferred leading Butterfly Valve Manufacturer.

Valve Care Guide

1. Turn the packing gland nuts equally in order to avoid stalk wear or tear. The stalk damage will cause motion or leakage issues.

2. Constantly keep the valves clean during use. The transmission screw should be lubricated occasionally. When malfunction happens, discontinue working immediately, figure out the issues and correct it.

3. Valves kept for future use needs to be analyzed occasionally. Their machining surfaces exposed to atmosphere must stay clean. For ball valves, ports of either side must be stuffed and kept in open position. Please set the valves in the indoor cool area. Do not pile them up in mess and shop outside.

4. Take good care of the delivery process to prevent impact that triggers defections.

5. For setup, direct link the valves to the pipeline at any given location that's simple to operate and maintain. Lift check valve is allowed to install horizontally.

6. When using ball valves, check valves and gate valves, just completely open or fully close is enabled. There are back seal apparatus in the gate valves and external screw check valves.

7. Do not use influence or other tools which may damage the parts.

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