Friday 16 October 2020


Pressure redirect valves, or safety valves, are a simple but crucial part in almost any air compressor system. Pressure relief valves can be utilized to restrain and restrict the stress build-up in a system.

Pressure relief valves keep everybody safe. If the pressure in an air compressor system or air receiver tank becomes too high, a couple of components might explode. Pressure relief valves have been utilized to keep this from happening.

This requirement ensures the pressure relief valve will open until the container reaches its maximum pressure tolerance.

Furthermore, the minimum relieving capacity of the pressure relief device must meet the requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Code. ASME is the Worldwide leader in developing and revising codes associated with mechanical engineering.


Stress relief valves for air conditioning compressor systems are easy, spring-loaded mechanics. When the blood pressure force is greater than the spring load, then the security valve opens in proportion to the increase in pressure and allows air to"flow out" as required.

Stress relief valves for compressed air programs are direct-acting, which means that they automatically react if the pressure gets too high. If excess pressurization occurs, a disk seal is transferred up by system pressure from a spring, which is holding the valve closed. If the compressed air force exceeds the force exerted by the spring, the valve disc is raised off the valve seat and the valve sparks the compressed air to the atmosphere.

In compliance with the requirements of the ASME relief valve benchmark, the full discharge capacity of the valve normally will be attained when the system pressure climbs to no longer than 10% over the set pressure of the valve. Complete shutoff must be attained if the system pressure falls to below the specified pressure value, usually set at 90%.

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